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Officium Ambassador Program:

Grow Your Network,
Earn Recurring Rewards!

Officium Ambassador Program:

Earn Recurring Rewards!

Let your network scale and get rewarded with Officium's Ambassador Program!

Our program allows you to earn money for every referred lead works with Officium through our staffing model.


Refer a lead who utilise Officium’s fractional staffing services.

Earn a monthly referral fee based on the lead’s staffing worked each month.

The longer the lead stays with Officium, the longer you earn!

For every engagement from a lead you’ve introduced to our staffing model, we express our appreciation through monthly returns.

Referral Tiers and Rewards









Referral Tiers and Rewards

The more leads you refer, the higher your total monthly rewards! There’s no cap on how much you can earn, so refer as many qualified leads as possible.


Tiers and Rewards

Example: Refer a client who utilises a Social media manager, Graphic designer, Sales Dev rep, Ops Associate and PA.

4 Bronze and 1 Silver will earn £ 78 per month

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